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"I’d hoped you would rot in hell a whole lot longer than 5 years."

Exactly when I started to dislike Laurel. I get that he cheated on you and shit happened, but you don’t say that to someone who comes from the “dead”.

Well said! I think this part of the fandom might learn how much other parts of the fandom (non-shippers) are finding this character annoying, who don’t discriminate in their remarks. Now getting back to this stupid comment, again another person who doesn’t realise that the people left behind are just as big victim as the ones involved. Laurel was traumatised over losing her sister, losing her boyfriend, finding out two people she loved betrayed her trust, her parents divorcing and her father becoming an alcoholic - basically her family and life fell apart. And she isn’t allowed to be angry for one moment. And then let’s not forget she approached him and apologised for saying what she did, as well as offering to be there if he needed someone to talk to - but what did Oliver do, he was basically an asshole, he pushed her away. But do you mention this, no, you just mentioned the moment that a women who had been in pain for 5 years released some of that anger. Congratulations! You won the award for being today’s Cold Hearted Bitch!

I love working with the other women on our show, but I don’t get to work with them a whole lot. Working with Katie Cassidy was fun for a split second, because I don’t get to do that a lot, but it’s always nice to work with new people. I’ve never worked with Willa [Holland] even though we’re friends.
Emily Bett Rickards earlier in this year. (x)

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Green Arrow and Black Canary brought together by Fate

First Superman beat Green Arrow to death then he killed Black Canary with his heat vision orphaning their infant son, Conner Lance-Queen. That is until Doctor Fate intervenes in the epilogue of Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two #24.

Fate saves Canary against the wishes of Nabu, the Lord of Order that inhabits and empowers his magical helmet. He transports mother and child to a parallel Earth where Oliver is still alive but her doppelganger died 5 years ago. Fate can’t guarantee them happiness but Cupid can. Oliver immediately shows his feelings and calls Canary by her pet name.

"Hello, pretty bird," he smiles tearfully.

Loved this story!

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